Monday, October 8, 2012

Pilgerstorfer Reeds

I have recently discovered a new brand of reed by the name of Pilgerstorfer. 

Pilgerstorfer, an Austrian company, produces three different cuts of French-style reeds. The Dolce, Rondo, and Morre. I tried several strengths of each cut and determined that the dolce is the closest to the V12s I am currently using. I found them to be very consistent and they produced a nice, mellow tone. They also play very well straight out of the box. I did notice that they seem to be lacking some of the depth I find in my V12s as well as possessing a somewhat slower articulation, but overall they are wonderful reeds. I would definitely recommend giving them a try. If you are interested, you can purchase the reeds from Clark Fobes, who is the only US retailer of the reeds. He even provides a sample box with reeds from all three cuts in the same strength if you are interested in comparing for yourself. Only time will tell if they will replace my trusty V12s, but they are definitely a contender. 

Buy reeds HERE

Pilgerstorfer website HERE