Monday, May 9, 2011

Steve Williamson named Principal Clarinet of the Chicago Symphony


It appears that the previous information was false. We have heard that Steve Williamson, currently co-principal of the Met, has been chosen as principal clarinet. The source of our info is the clarinet BBoard.

According to Clarinet Jobs' Facebook Page, Todd Levy will be on trial with the symphony this week.

"Todd is the only person (so far) to have been qualified by the committee for the job in this most recent audition." 
- Clarinet Jobs

Mr. Levy is currently principal clarinet of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. 

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  1. Actually, your old information is relatively correct. It's just that Steve Williamson could not do his audition last week and instead did it on Monday. Todd Levy did receive enough votes from the committee, but, in the end, the job was offered to Steve Williamson.