Sunday, August 26, 2012

Atlanta Symphony Contract Deadline Passes: What is next?

As the current contract with Atlanta Symphony Orchestra musicians expired on August 25, 2012, no deal had yet been reached in the ongoing negotiations between orchestra musicians and management. Management refused the deal proposed by the musicians suggesting that all orchestra employees take an 11% cut in pay, the result of which would have been a $5 million savings over the next two years. 

The orchestra is scheduled to open its new season on October 4th, if a new deal is reached in time. The Atlanta Symphony Website stated: 

“While the current contract between the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Federation of Musicians expired on August 25, 2012, both parties are continuing to work towards a solution. Negotiations are ongoing. We have some serious budget issues to address but we are all striving for the same thing — a thriving music community.”

Musicians are fearful of a lockout which would leave them without pay and health benefits. Atlanta Symphony president, Stanley Romanstein, denies that this will happen, but Donald Fox, vice president of business operations, stated in a letter to musicians that they have no authority to continue to receive benefits past the time of the current contract's expiration. 

What is next? Could there be a strike in store? 

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Detailed information about negotiations can be found HERE. 

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