Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Metronome+ Lite: Free download of incredible metronome app

Metronome+, the sleek, simple, and feature-packed metronome app (which is also my personal favorite) is now being offered up in a FREE "lite" version. This version contains many features including some of the loudest sounds on an Apple device (for loud rehearsals), a tempo scroll wheel, a range of 30-300 bpm, and a clear pendulum animation.

You can also get the full version for $1.99 (a steal!) which includes even more features such as the ability to run the metronome in the background (multitasking), do tap-tempo, as well as customizable sounds, beat patterns, and accents. Metronome+ is also constantly being updated with new features and if you own the app all updates are FREE. I have been using this app for a long time now and I can say that it is the best I have used. I really recommend giving it a try!

Download the "lite" version HERE.

Download the full version HERE.

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